About us


We are Roy and Sue  and together we are "Penny the Poocher" - doing our best to create the best!

Now that might sound rather corny but it is the ethos behind our business:

Roy creates all our designs and then hand prints every item that we sell.

We always use the best quality product, for example, the finest quality high gloss finish mugs which are completely dishwasher safe and Roy makes sure that each one is flawless before, and after, printing them. you won't find any pin holes or smudges on our mugs!

Once made, the products become my responsibility to make sure that they reach you, the customer, safely and in good time. I aim to have everything packed and posted within 1 working day of receipt of the order. 

And just in case you are wondering why we have chosen the brand name "Penny the Poocher" - well it comes from our dog who is called "Penny", a 14 month Collie Cross whom we both love to bits!

penny the poocher

So there you have a quick overview of who we are and how we work.

  Susan Robertson

Updated August 2018