The UK city of Manchester has the Worker Bee as the symbol of the City.

Manchester came to prominence because of its industrial past. During the 1800's the city was home to many textile mills which were busy places that became known as "hives of activity". In fact one of the mills was officially known as "Beehive Mill" (it was on Jersey Street).

So, when in 1842 the borough of Manchester was given city status, it was decided to incorporate a Worker Bee into the city's new coat of arms. All heraldic symbols have a meaning and the Worker Bee was put in to symbolise the industry in the City

To this day the phrase "busy bee" is commonly used to descibe a person who is always busy.

If you walk around Manchester you will see the Bee proudly displayed all around the city - incorporated into buildings and even on the litter bins!

Mancunians ( the people of Manchester) are proud of their city  (and rightly so!) so we have created their very own unique collection of Manchester Bee products.