Where Exactly Are We Based?

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When you buy from the internet it's sometimes difficult to know where your purchase is coming from, so I'm going to take a moment to tell you a little bit about where "Penny the Poocher" is based:

penny the poocherWe're based in a village called Longton, in the North West of England.  

Longton is a village which has been around for hundreds of years, but over the last 20 years its population has grown considerably as a lot of new housing has been built..

I moved into the village 23 years ago and when Roy and I married 5 years ago he moved here from the Scottish Highlands. And in case you're wondering how that happened - we were an internet romance so running an internet business seems rather appropriate!

St Andrews Church LongtonThe focal point of the village is St Andrews Church which was completed in 1887, but there is evidence of a church in the village since 1517!

We are also lucky enough to have a nature reserve called "Longton Brickcroft" which has been created on the site of an old brickworks and covers 27 acres. 

Longton Brickcroft nature reserveNo matter what the season, the Brickcroft is beautiful, with its 3 large lakes and all its wildlife.

We've walked many miles around the Brickcroft over the years! 


Longton village stocks

There is also an original set of village stocks in the centre of the village so if Roy doesn't make his quota of mugs he knows where he might end up! ( only joking!).

 So that has given you a quick overview of where your "Penny the Poocher" products come from.

From a small village to worldwide distribution!

Sue Robertson


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