A Very Brief History of the Coffee Mug.

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Nowadays I don't think there are too many households that don't either use regularly, or have in their kitchen cupboards, at least one coffee mug.

When I was young ( a long time ago!) we only had china tea cups in our house and it was quite a step for my mother to buy her first set of coffee mugs - little could she have imagined that many years later her daughter would be making and selling her own designer mugs!I
https://pennythepoocher.com/collections/bird-coasters/products/owls-mugNowadays the choice of coffee mugs is huge - you can get cute mugs, ( like this owl couple mug which is one of my personal favourites), theme mugs, sayings mugs, photo mugs, and down right rude mugs, to name just a few.

But it hasn't always been like this - would you believe that mugs have actually been around for many thousands of years! 

Did you know that a decorated clay mug from around 4000 - 5000 BC was found in Greece?

Archaeologists believe the earliest mugs were probably fashioned out of wood and were then later moulded out of clay. The invention of the potters' wheel made adding a handle to the drinking vessel another step towards where coffee mugs are today.

Around 600 AD porcelain was invented in China and this eventually brought in the era of fine china tea cups and tea sets which eclipsed the humble mug. 

Fast forward ( well I did say it was a brief history!) to the early 21st Century and the Cafe Culture has completed changed everything!  The formality of the tea cup and saucer has been swept aside by the popularity of the coffee mug.

In fact a study conducted by Laura Robinson, a spokeswoman for Dr Oetker’s "Pud In A Mug" found:

  • 88% now use mugs rather than a teacup. 
  • 23% of British adults said they have never taken a drink from a teacup.
  • 80% of Brits said they drink from a mug every single day. 
  • 63% said they drank out of a teacup less often than once a month.
  • 70% said they did not really like drinking out of a teacup unless it is for a special occasion.
  • 3% said they think teacups could one day in the future be as popular as mugs now are.

And the best bit for us mug makers:

  • 30% of UK home owners said they own 10 or more mugs whilst the average UK household owns just three teacups!

So when you next reach for your coffee mug (which will hopefully be a "Penny the Poocher" design) please remember, you are reaching for a product which has a very long history behind it!








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